L-Arginine Plus and Heart Health


Heart disease is one of the biggest causes of death within the UK for the under 65 year old’s. The figures from the British Heart Foundation showed that in 2014 up to 200 people per week within this age group died for reasons of a failing heart due to blocked arteries. Although medical research has made great progress there is still more to be done according to charity’s medical director.

Previous medical research by three doctors was recognised in 1998 with a nobel peace prize award given acknowledging the role nitric oxide plays as a signalling molecule in the cardiovascular system. In layman’s terms nitric oxide keeps the blood vessels healthy and allows good blood circulation. It is proven that this is aided by the use of L-Arginine, an amino acid supplementation. It is particularly important especially as we age to supplement our diet with L-Arginine as nitric oxide signalling is known to decrease within the blood vessels as a normal part of aging.

Dr J Prendergast, the doctor behind formulating the ProArgi 9 Plus product did so for the very reason that he himself was suffering from heart disease and thickening arteries. He found that intake of the formula reversed the thickened arteries and protected his heart. L-Arginine Plus similarly has the desired ability to relax the arteries and provide enhanced blood flow.

Each pot of L-Arginine Plus is subject to vigorous quality control. Essential Ingredients include:

L-Arginine – Vitamin B6 – Vitamin B12 – Vitamin D3 – Vitamin C – Vitamin K – Folic Acid – L-Citrulline – Xylitol – Citric Acid – Red Wine Extract – Astragin – Stevia – Trace Minerals