L-Arginine Plus and Nitric Oxide

In 1998 the discovery of nitric oxide within the human body led to three doctors, Doctors Louis J. Ignarro, Ferid Murad, and Robert F. Furchgott receiving the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. They discovered that the presence of nitric oxide is an essential ingredient within humans to encourage the cells in our body to act and perform the correct manner.

In the words of Dr. Ignarro, “Nitric Oxide relaxes and enlarges the blood vessels, prevents blood clots that trigger strokes and heart attacks, and regulates blood pressure and the accumulation of plaque in the blood vessels.”

Nitric Oxide therefore not only is essential for human life but also is proven to save lives and hence the reason it is sometimes referred to as the “Miracle Molecule”.

Nowadays it is possible to increase the levels of nitric oxide in our bodies. It was found that two amino acids responsible for doing this would act as a precursor.

These amino acids, L-Arginine and L-Citruline are both found in the amazing L-Arginine Plus product now available in the UK. Why not try it out for yourself and experience the amazing cardiovascular health benefits?

Each pot of L-Arginine Plus is subject to vigorous quality control. Essential Ingredients include:

L-Arginine – Vitamin B6 – Vitamin B12 – Vitamin D3 – Vitamin C – Vitamin K – Folic Acid – L-Citrulline – Xylitol – Citric Acid – Red Wine Extract – Astragin – Stevia – Trace Minerals