L-Arginine Plus can lower your Blood Pressure

The major benefit of taking L-Arginineplus on a daily basis is that it is proven to lower blood pressure. Many people particularly in the West suffer from high blood pressure which can lead to a multiple array of problems. The most recognisable of these are heart disease and strokes. Of late figures for these two diseases have fallen year on year since 1993. However according to the latest figures out of the US the rate of mortality has gone up. It is well known that rate of disease resulting from cardiovascular issues directly correlates to the rate of mortality. This is where L-Arginine Plus can combat that.

The natural ingredients within l-arginineplus increase the body’s production of nitric oxide which triggers the process of vasodilation which causes the smooth muscle tissue located in the blood vessels to relax and expand. As the arteries expand the more blood gets to your cells with less pressure required to push the blood along. Your heart therefore works more efficiently and blood pressure is reduced.

Increasing nitric oxide production therefore:

  1. Improves the cardivascular system
  2. Helps arteries stay young and flexible
  3. Keeps blood pressure and cholesteral at healthy levels
  4. Reduces inflammation

Dr Louis Ignarro went as far to say that ‘there maybe no disease process where this miracle molecule doesn’t have a protective role’. Certainly as well as cardivascular health fighting other diseases such as fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases and neurological conditions may well improve by the use of L-ArgininePlus.

As with all food supplementation please consult your doctor before use.