High Anxiety linked to blood flow

The use of L-arginine plus for those with High Anxiety

People with high anxiety can suffer with high blood pressure but this is not always true. Often people with a busy workload have little time to ensure correct nutritional intake which leads to health problems like high blood pressure. But there are those of us even if under pressure are perfectly healthy without these ailments but nevertheless have high anxiety. […]

nitric oxide

Nitric Oxide in APS Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes

The common factor distinguishing patients in antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) and Type 2 diabetes is both have reduced nitric oxide bioavailability. Both impair the absorption of nitric oxide that is naturally produced within the endothelial cells of the vasculature. The role of l-arginine and l-citrulline supplementation helps as indicated in the medical journal Science Direct here. APS Syndrome APS is a […]

vitamin d3

The Importance of Vitamin D3 within our Daily Diet

The simplest way to obtain sufficient vitamin D is through sun exposure. Twenty minutes a day in the sun exposing your face chest and arms with natural protection is by far the simplest way to achieve this. However as we all know many people especially if chronically sick and living in the Northern Hemisphere this task, simple as it may […]

daily use of l-arginine plus

How L-arginine plus could Boost your Immune System

One of the most important factors in maintaining good health is to understand and support your immune system. A weak immune system can often equate to poor health leading to the onset of disease. This is because as humans we are exposed to many toxins and poisons in our environment that constantly attack us during day to day living.  Components […]

l-arginine in sport

L-Arginine Plus Benefits as a Pre Workout Supplement

In today’s world of health and fitness fanaticism many people look for that special supplement to provide the ‘x’ factor to improve their workouts. As I have found out recently, taking a pre workout supplemet which is loaded with stimulants does exactly that. But an over stretched workout may result in unforeseen consequences. The body becomes depleted attacking the immune […]

L-arginine and cancer

Can L-Arginine Plus Help Cancer Patients?

There is much debate in medicine about the role amino acids play in the fight against cancer. Research carried out at the University of Colorado Cancer Center in 2011 revealed some extremely important information regarding this. The amino acid l-arginine was shown to reactivate cancer fighting T-cells in patients with glioblasoma thereby boosting the immune system. Certainly in the fight […]