L-Arginine Plus Benefits

why l-arginine plus

L-arginine Plus® features the amino acids l-arginine and l-citrulline. By utilizing these amino acids in high quantities L-arginine Plus® promotes rapid and sustained nitric oxide production within the body. This process opens the blood vessels and enables the heart to pump blood throughout the body without stress. While we’re young, our body creates enough nitric oxide to sustain our heart health. As we age, nitric oxide levels decline and our heart begins to struggle. We can see this happening in the blood pressure numbers, with out circulation slowing, and when our cholesterol rises. 

L-arginine Plus® helps reverse this trend by safely increasing nitric oxide levels. This opens the blood vessels and takes serious pressure off the heart. The results are better blood pressure support, better cholesterol support, better circulation support and more. 

L-arginine Plus® is used for healthier blood pressure, to get better circulation, for support with their cholesterol, for improved blood flow, for increased endurance during exercise and for so many more reasons. It’s the premier way to safely support your health. 

Below is by no means an exhaustive list, but provides some of the further reasons why folks choose L-arginine Plus over other supplements:

  • better mental clarity 
  • less fatigue 
  • greater endurance 
  • an increased ability to exercise 
  • a reduction in body fat
  • an increase in lean muscle 
  • a better immune function 
  • improved sleep pattern 
  • reduction in wrinkles and cellulite 
  • better skin health 
  • feeling of well-being 
  • higher energy

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