High Anxiety linked to blood flow

The use of L-arginine plus for those with High Anxiety

People with high anxiety can suffer with high blood pressure but this is not always true. Often people with a busy workload have little time to ensure correct nutritional intake which leads to health problems like high blood pressure. But there are those of us even if under pressure are perfectly healthy without these ailments but nevertheless have high anxiety.

An example of this is a returning serviceman from the front line suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I doubt many know however that people diagnosed with PTSD are often prescribed a high blood pressure drug. These types of drugs are designed to widen the arteries much like l-arginine plus. Although PTSD patients might not have high blood pressure this type of medication is still used. One of these is Prazosin.

The Link Between High Anxiety and Blood Pressure

So why would a doctor prescribe a blood pressure medication to treat extreme high anxiety? According to Dr. Armughan Riaz the ‘use of prazosin increases the blood flow to the brain, hence, preventing or reversing the damage to the nerves caused due to high levels of glucocorticoids‘. Certainly people with high stress or anxiety release more cortisol into the body; this clearly has a damaging effect on the nerves to the brain. High blood pressure medication by increasing the flow of blood to the brain reverses this damage.

One of the many benefits of l-arginine plus is the ability of this food supplement to increase blood flow to all parts of the body including the extremities. Even for those who don’t have high blood pressure but live to the demands of a stressful lifestyle, l-arginine plus should become part of everyone’s daily diet.